The sash windows of many homes in Bristol are often secured by a single, central sash fastener. Both leading insurance companies and the Avon and Somerset Constabulary acknowledge that these fasteners on their own cannot be relied upon to provide adequate security against illegal entry. The Bristol Sash Window Company can supply and fit a range of tried and tested products to make your sash windows safe and secure, whilst remaining fully functional and not detracting from the authentic charm of your property.

Security Sash Stops are strong and convenient to use. This key operated lock complies with Insurance Company standards and will secure sliding sashes in the closed or slightly open position to provide ventilation, whilst at the same time providing security from intruders. They can also act as a limiter, preventing small children from climbing or falling out of the window.

Also we can fit discreet self-contained electronic shock alarms to each window. These are a highly effective visual and auditory deterrent to burglars.

In addition to security locks we can fit a range of high quality sash furniture that will complement your windows. As with all of our period fittings these can be supplied in a range of finishes to complement your existing interior d├ęcor. They can be supplied in traditional brass, brushed chrome or steel.