Rot Repair & Rebuild

Should your sliding sash windows be suffering rot damage we can fix all rot problems to sash boxes, windowsills and sash frames. The Bristol Sash Win dow Company can offer a range of solutions depending upon the extent of the damage.

All our operatives are trained and qualified in expertly repairing, restoring and conserving traditional wooden sash windows using the specialist Repaircare System.

Minor rot problems are resolved by cutting back any rotten timber until only good wood remains. The Repaircare System is then used to reconstruct and strengthen the wood. Once painted, this results in a strong and invisible repair. Alternatively, a wood preserver can be applied and then a specialist two-part epoxy resin can be used to construct a hardwearing repair.

For more extensive rot damage to sash boxes or windowsills new timber can be spliced into the box or sill to match the original design and provide an unobtrusive repair. If necessary we can replace the whole windowsill.

Should the sliding sash need to be repaired, for example, a rotten lower rail, or it is beyond repair and needs a replacement sash, it can be removed and taken to the workshop. Replacement timber can then be spliced in or a new sash made, matching any detail molding or profile to replicate the original window. All of our timber is from sustainable sources and treated with a wood preserver, before being fully painted to replicate the original finish.