Why Choose The Bristol Sash Window Company?

At The Bristol Sash Window Company we have perfected our renovation and draught-proofing services over the years to the point where we believe that our draught-proofing service is second to none, and at a highly competitive price. This is down to a number of factors that should be considered when comparing quotations;

We use the best draught-proofing system available and the highest quality materials.

The system uses new wooden parting beads and staff beads with hidden brushes. Many competitors use plastic parting beads, some others use standard parting and staff beads and then fit brushes to the edges of the sliding sashes themselves. This other approach is much cheaper in terms of materials, but is less effective as a draught seal, often results in difficult window operation and visible brushes that point towards the inside of the room. Our system ensures smooth operation and hidden brushes that face towards the sliding sashes.

We vacuum sand and prime the inside of the sash boxes whilst the sashes are removed.

We use a top of the range Festool vacuum sanding system which eliminates dust. We then use a quick drying white primer. This results in a clean sash box interior aiding the smooth running of the sashes.

We always use the correct size staff beads for your windows.

These can go up to very large staff beads of 33mm or more in depth. The smallest size we use is an oversize 20x20mm as standard. These cost us more but we use them because they look better. Many competitors use standard 15x20mm staff beads regardless of the original beading size.

We fit new staff beads right around all four edges of the box.

Many companies only fit left, right and bottom, and leave the original top bead in place.

We mastic all new beadings and sink and fill all pins.

Which gives a smooth and weather proof finish.

We gloss the new external parting beads as standard.

So that your windows are weather proof immediately. Many companies do not.

We wash and polish the glass.

Before refitting the sashes we clean and polish the glass so they sparkle.

We re-cord with the best sash cord available.

This has a traditional cream waxed cotton exterior around a very strong polyester core. This cord is much stronger and more durable than standard sash cord so will last many years compared to standard sash cord.

We balance your windows as standard.

By weighing the sashes and the weights and adding additional lead weights as required (lead at cost). This results in windows that are smooth, very easy to open and close, and stay in the desired open position without sliding open or shut.

If we find any rot we deal with it.

If possible as part of the original cost. If a significant area of rot is found that needs a lot of time and materials we inform you and will treat as cost effectively as possible, we never leave any rotten wood untreated.

We only charge 5% VAT on all draught-proofing work.

Under current government rules to reduce carbon emissions.

All of our new sashes are made from hardwood.

Whether replacing an existing sash or installing new single or double-glazed sashes we only use hardwood. Which means are new sashes are far more durable than the softwood sashes fitted by many of our competitors.

We offer a complete Refurbishment Service.

Rather than having the added hassle of organising a decorator to paint your windows once they have been renovated we offer a complete Refurbishment Service. The sashes are stripped back to timber and instead of the usual 3 coats of paint we apply 4 coats to both the sashes and the sash box.

We are very clean and tidy.

Using copious clean dust sheets and plastic sheeting in rooms and on stairways. We also use the best Festool vacuum-sanding machines that clean as they go. We tidy up and take away all old beads and rubbish. Some companies add an additional charge to take away the old beads. We recycle waste products where possible.

We are a small family run business that take great pride in doing a top quality job

Take a look at our testimonials page, we love adding happy customers’ comments here!