Frequently Asked Questions

Can you decorate my sash windows?

All our new windows are fully painted and decorated. We are also able to paint and decorate existing sash windows. In both instances we use a special micro porous paint finish that allows the timber to breathe which reduces the risk of rot and provides a greater degree of protection from the elements. We can also use your chosen internal paint finish to match any existing woodwork.

How long does the servicing and draught-proofing process take?

Typically our craftsmen work in pairs and can carry out any repairs and install our specialist draught-proofing system to 3 or more sash windows per day depending upon the extent of the repairs that need to be carried out.

Is scaffolding required to refurbish my sash windows and what do I need to do in preparation for the work to be carried out?

Generally we do not require scaffolding to refurbish your sash windows as the work is carried out from inside your property. We do require clear access to the sash windows and kindly ask that any blinds and curtains be removed prior to the work commencing.

How can I increase the security of my sash windows?

Firstly, we can fit screw operated ‘Traditional Brighton Fasteners’ to secure your windows. Secondly, we can fit high security ‘Sash Stop Locks’ to your sash windows that provide a high-level of protection whilst maintaining the traditional look of your sash windows. These locks are available in a variety of finishes so we can match them to any existing door or window furniture. They also have the added advantage of acting as a limiter, allowing the sashes to be left open slightly whilst still remaining secure against intruders.

Also we can fit discreet self-contained electronic shock alarms to each window. These are a highly effective visual and auditory deterrent to burglars.

Do I require planning permission in order to have my sash windows refurbished?

In most instances the work we undertake is the repair and renovation of existing sash windows. This is classed as ‘refurbishment’ and is therefore not normally subject to planning permission or building regulation approval. This may vary for listed buildings and properties located in conservation areas but we will happily advise you on this.

Does the draught-proofing system look unsightly?

No, the draught-proofing system that we install has been specifically designed to be discreet and not to detract from the traditional look of your sash windows. All of the replacement draught-proof beadings are made from timber. They can be supplied in natural wood or primed white.

One of my sashes is rotten, can this be replaced without replacing the whole of my sash window?

Yes, in some instances depending upon the extent of rot damage to your sash window we maybe able to repair the existing sash using a specialist resin. Should the sash be beyond repair then we can produce a replacement timber sash matching any detail moulding or profile to replicate the original window.

Can you improve the sound insulation of my sash windows?

Yes, one of the many benefits of our specialist draught-proofing system is that it is very effective at reducing outside noise levels. In addition we can re-glaze your existing sashes with acoustic glass, which is denser and therefore reduces outside noise levels.

What type of wood do you use?

We use a range of treated softwood and hardwood timber all of which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and from sustainable sources.

My sash windows are stuck and will not open, can you help?

Yes, this is a common problem as over time sash windows can become clogged with paint. As part of our servicing and draught-proofing process we will ensure that both the top and bottom sash are fully operable and run smoothly with ease.

Should I replace my old sash windows with new ones?

Whilst in some instances this may be unavoidable due to the condition of your sash windows. Your original sash windows are an important period feature of your property and our company policy is to wherever possible renovate the old as opposed to replace with new, thereby retaining the original character and fabric of your home. By refurbishing your original sash windows and installing our specialist draught-proof system we can often provide you with many of the benefits of new sash windows, ease of operation; reduced noise and air pollution; improved thermal efficiency; without the expense and disruption of unnecessary replacements.

How much does it cost to have my sash window serviced and draught-proofed?

The cost of servicing and draught-proofing a sash window varies depending upon the size and style of the window, and the extent of the repairs required. At The Bristol Sash Window Company we are committed to providing a top quality service, using only the finest materials, and all at a highly competitive price. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free and friendly no-obligation quotation.