Full Refurbishment and Draught Proofing of Original Sash Windows, Brynland Avenue, Bishopston, Case Study

We undertook the full refurbishment and Draught proofing of all of the original timber sash windows at this property in Brynland Avenue, Bishopston.

The combination of draught-proofing with full decoration results in the total refurbishment of the sash windows and leaves them looking beautiful and totally weather-proof, as well as being draught-proof and operating smoothly.

The major advantage of our system is the removal of the sliding sashes and the preparation and painting of the sashes and boxes as individual components, as opposed to in-situ. This gives the very best finish possible, the smoothest operation, and means that there is no requirement for expensive and Intrusive scaffolding.

Excellent job done in a friendly and very professional manner, made a real difference to the look and feel of the house. D Rice,  Brynland Avenue

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